Ceramics Process


handmaking ceramics



All work is made in porcelain, is wheel thrown and finished by hand.


The essential tools for handmaking ceramics


Hand tools are used for the making of the vessels as well as for trimming of the product.  The off cuts of clay are then re-cycled into a ‘slip’ to be re-used.

The colours are painted, dipped or sprayed onto the work, a similar technique to that used on majolica ware.



Glazing handmade ceramics


All of the glazes are made and developed by myself and are applied to the vessels by the method of either dipping or spraying to achieve the desired effect.



My work is fired in an electric kiln to 1280° creating a clean glaze finish.  This is necessary for the work to become fully vitrified and to enable the holding of liquids in a vessel if desired.

The end result is a high fired porcelain vessel – a truly unique handmade piece.

I am proud to be able to produce one-of-a-kind pieces for the enjoyment of all.